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You know you are in the middle of the Italian countryside when....

  1. there are a ton of 'cimici' (little green insects) and other weird little creatures trying to enter the house at all times of the year;

  2. there is a mountain of dust on the cars every day (thanks to all the trucks and cars passing by on the white, unpaved road that you live on);

  3. the nights you crave a 'takeaway', there are literally zero (nada, niente, zilch) options;

  4. you need to stand on a chair to get phone reception;

  5. you don't have any the option of any help at home or at the agriturismo (because there are government incentives being paid out so who wants to work?!);

  6. the simplest of tasks takes an age because, well, just because;

  7. you are unable to find something that is easily available where you came from but just isn't available in the Italian market (looking at you, coriander!);

  8. you have to drive 45 minutes just to get your cars serviced or the dogs groomed; and

  9. you have to sign 37 documents to get one credit card (which may or may not work) but only 3 to buy a house.

By the way, the song in our heads right now? This one...

So why are we here?

Well because:


(Oh and also because we wanted a life change, to build something, etc etc).


Paari & Niall


A little bit about our 30 day New Year Challenge!

As of today, we are committing to doing a 5 km walk everyday for 30 days, to raise funds for the kids at Harmony House.

Harmony House is an Indian and UK registered, non-profit organisation in Gurgaon, India. They have created two full-time community centres for over 1000 children and women from a nearby slum, where they provide education, nutrition, medical facilities, hygiene facilities, vocational training and social services.

The kids have winter wishes which we would like to help fulfill.

If you would like to help us achieve our target, please CLICK HERE.

We are grateful for any support you can give.

Thank you!

Paari & Niall


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