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Year 3 of winemaking is here. Scary but true.

Here we are - second month of 2023 already. The town is very quiet in February, there are not many tourists. Montepulciano has been returned to its residents. That now includes us. Obviously, we are still in winter, but there’s loads of work to be done in the vineyard. The team has just finished the dry pruning. Of course, it’s done by hand (why use a machine!) and it’s the first stage of preparing the vines for next year‘s harvest. We’ve barely finished making the wine from last year‘s harvest, and here we are already planning the next. Guess the circle of wine just keeps spinning. It certainly does after too much wine. At the risk of getting too geeky, we are also finalising our choice of corks for our IGT Super Tuscan wine. Did you know that the type of cork is driven by the style of wine you want to make? Do you have any idea how many choices of cork there are? Well, we had no clue but every day brings new challenges and new knowledge! Piano piano, arriviamo!

Is it just us or is there a similarity between these pictures?

Our new Commercial Director arrived this week, and now our permanent team is complete. We are still deciding which one of us will tell her that we have almost no wine to sell yet! But this will come, and it will come very quickly. We will have 5,000 bottles of Rosso di Montepulciano ready for sale in April 2023 and 12,500 bottles of IGT Super Tuscan soon after (click here to buy it all in one lot - just joking! No, seriously…)

So now we think we have a perfectly balanced team. Two Italians, two stranieri (foreigners - literal translation: 'strangers'), two men two women (multi-tasking is back on the menu boys!), two extroverts two introverts, two roll-up-your-sleevers and two keyboard warriors. The universe should just give up while it’s ahead (a long way ahead obviously but all the wine in Rome wasn’t drunk in a day!).

We will leave you with this video of our new barrels. They smell of oak, Sangiovese grapes and Niall's anxiety.


Paari & Niall


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