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When just wine isn't enough...

....just kidding! When is that ever the case? 😄

To heighten the experience of drinking great wine, however, you could add something equally (but very differently) fabulous ----- jazz.

If you have never been to a jazz and wine festival, you must check out Jazz & Wine in Montalcino.

Held during the summer each year, Banfi, one of the biggest producers of Brunello di Montalcino wine, host this incredibly fun event and bring in fantastic jazz artists from the world over. If that wasn't enough, the setting is the Fortezza (fortress) of Montalcino. Simply stunning.

We first went to the event in 2020, and then life got in the way so didn't make it back until this year. For the last two days, we have spent each evening enjoying the musical genius of the Mike Stern Band and the Peter Erskine quartet, both masters of different genres within jazz and both amazing in their own right.

To break the 'promotional' tone of this post (no sponsorship here, we promise!), here are a few snaps!

All in all, ne vale sicuramente la pena (definitely worth it)!

Now back to an attention-seeking agriturismo, fungus-infused vineyards and working outside in 40C weather. It isn't all fun and games you know! 😬

Until next time.


Paari & Niall


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