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We did it! Wine made, wine sold.

So the day came and went. With not as much fanfare as we had imagined.

But we did it.

We sold our first bottle of vino.

Wine bottle
Say hello to Golo, our first Rosso di Montepulciano (2021)

The lucky customer was a guest of the Villa and, by all accounts, really liked the first vintage of our Rosso di Montepulciano.

Do you know how many people are directly involved in producing a single bottle of wine? When we lasted counted, it was something like 46. Incredibile, no?

And so it starts...we have another 5000 bottles to go, with our Super Tuscan IGT to follow later in the year.

There is discussion after discussion on what wine to produce in 2023 and 2024, which grapes should be planted (if any), when the wine should be moved from barrels to bottles, how many months of aging is required etc...a very different sort of meeting to the ones we are used to!

We have also officially opened for the 2023 season and the team is raring to go. The Villa is looking great and we are looking forward to welcoming all our guests over the summer and beyond.

While the day-to-day challenges of learning a new business(es) confront us every day, we are happy to report that the romance that exists in producing wine and running an agriturismo in Italy is still very much intact.

Until next time!


Paari & Niall

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