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Warning: this blog post may be disturbing

You have been warned -- this post may contain visual images which some readers may find disturbing.

Who knew that such a normal day would play out the way it did?

Thursday is market day. It was the first sunny day in ages. With something approaching enthusiasm Niall was at the market buying vegetables. A busy day was planned but then again plans are made to be disrupted. He had just finished examining the range of pomodori (tomatoes) when Paari called. There was a dead animal, type unknown, cause of death unknown, in the garden. It had chosen a lovely spot underneath an abundant fig tree (reading this back it seems like this may be a tangential sentence) in a beautiful corner of the garden, close to the house.

Paari kept the dogs inside away from the scene. Photographs, taken from a distance with an older iPhone and an understandably worried and shaky hand, were therefore blurry and uncertain.

As Niall returned home a plan was hatched and all necessary equipment gathered: a wheelbarrow, gloves, a shovel with the longest handle in creation, and Niall’s favourite rake (who knew!).

It is true to say that there was an air of tension. Theories were formulated as to what could have happened. This was not a small animal so what had killed it? Was there poison on our land? Did we have a viper in the garden? What if it was an even bigger animal (presumably with teeth)?

All of these would have to wait as Niall approached the stricken beast all gloved up, rake looking fabulous.

Closer....closer....maybe it will wake up and then what? It is not budging. Maybe it is dead. But what is it?!

Now is a suitable time to pause and reflect on the transient nature of the universe, how every day is precious, and how carpe diem can be more than a software system for lawyers recording chargeable units, it can also be a model for life.

The photo that was shared -- any guesses?

And while reflecting, Niall was all ready for whatever it was....and then.....................

the sleeping cat (yes, cat -- not dead merely sleeping, not some rabid wild animal but a fluffy well fed felis catus), without so much as a by your leave, got up and walked away.

And that, in a nutshell, is life in Italy. Lots of drama, big build up, and just when you think something may just happen, a break ... usually for lunch.

Cats don't really give a fig do they.


Niall & Paari

Ps: No animals were hurt in the making of this post (but Niall may be for writing it - when he gets home).


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