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The time has come the walrus said...

So it's time.

Time to present our first Vino Nobile di Montepulciano (2021) to the world.

The Anteprima (an event about which we have written before -- you remember that post, don't you?) takes place at the Fortezza in Montepulciano, from 10th February onwards. It is where wines from the latest vintage are first presented, before being officially released in April.

Our turn is up! Where did the last 2.5 years ago?

The 2021 vintage has been waiting patiently, first in the big oak barrels and then in bottles. Finally, we get to open a few bottles, and taste and share our version of the 'nobile wine' with other Vino Nobile producers, potential importers, journalists and wine-lovers.

We cannot wait.

If you fancy a quick jaunt to our neck of the woods during the second week of February, come by the event and we will treat you to a glass of our finest.

A personal invitation from Niall and Elia... 😊🍷

Until then.


Paari & Niall

ps: A separate note will go out to all our subscribers on how to pre-order our first VNM. Watch out for that next week!


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