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The Italian Cheatsheet

We're backkkk!

In honour of Ireland playing Italy in rugby, at Stadio Olimpico in Rome today, here's a cheatsheet of quick and easy Italian phrases.

1. The obvious ones

  • Good morning — Buongiorno

  • Good evening— Buona sera

  • Good night— Buona notte

  • Hi/Bye! — Ciao!

  • Goodbye! — Arrivederci!

  • See you later! — A dopo!

2. The polite ones

  • It’s so nice/a pleasure to see you! — Che piacere vederti!

  • Pleasure (to meet you) — Piacere.

  • The pleasure is mine — Piacere mio.

  • It was a great pleasure! — È stato un grande piacere!

  • With pleasure! — Volentieri!

3. The friendly (and flirty) ones

  • Shall we have a coffee together? — Prendiamo un caffè insieme?

  • Can I get you a drink? — Posso offrirti qualcosa da bere?

  • Are you free tonight? I would really love to see you! — Sei libera stasera (f) / Sei libero stasera? (m) Mi piacerebbe tanto vederti!

  • You are beautiful! — Sei bellissima! (f)/Sei bellissimo!

  • My love! I love you! — Amore mio! Ti amo!

4. The foody ones

  • Can you recommend a good wine? — Ci puo consigliare un buon vino?

  • This wine is very good! — Questo vino è molto buono!

  • What dish do you recommend? — Quale piatto mi consiglia?

  • This pizza is delicious! — Questa pizza è deliziosa!

  • I would like another gelato — Vorrei un altro gelato

5. The beautiful ones

  • The sweetness of doing nothing — Il dolce far niente

  • Life is beautiful — La vita è bella

  • While there is life, there is hope — Finche c’è la vita, c’è speranza

  • He who finds a friend, finds a treasure — Chi trova un amico, trova un tesoro

6. The Rugby ones

  • try — meta

  • scrum— mischia

  • referee —arbitro

  • pitch—campo

  • offside—fuori gioco

  • forward pass—in avanti

  • tackle— placaggio

  • 5 beers please! - cinque birre per favore!

Go Ireland + Go Italia (we know where our pane (bread) is buttered)! 😊


Paari & Niall


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