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The End Of Another Season!

So we are now officially three seasons old at the agriturismo and winery. Each season has been so different and we are so thankful for the many experiences and memories enjoyed and created. Happy to report that the novelty of having an agriturismo and winery has....not yet worn off. ๐Ÿ˜Š

We said goodbye to our last guests of 2023 on the 8th of November. While a lot of Golo Rosso di Montepulciano wine was enjoyed by a number of groups this year, no group came close to touching the record of 184 bottles of wine consumed in a single week by a single group of 10 people, that was set in 2022 by another one of our groups. We know who you are - even if you have no recollection of the week...

So here are the official highlights:

32 weeks

21 groups

182 adults

18 kids

6 countries

Multiple 5 star reviews

And now for the unofficial highlights:

16 bottles of wine drunk by the team (to get through it)

73 instances of Niall telling the same jokes

47 instances of Paari losing it (and then "miraculously" finding it)

21 'God, give me strength' moments

3 'Did they return the keys' moments

20 (instances of us trying to give and missing) massive high 5s (when check-out was done and a great review was received)

Countless 'Wow's.

That's all until April 2024 when a new season will be upon us. Until then we will busying ourselves with new little projects (like the neverending maintenance issues at the Villas) and new big projects (like building a brand spanking new winery). Never a slow, quiet or dull moment in these parts, despite what people seem to think!

We will leave you with this reel from the Golo Winery Insta page for those who don't follow us there....yet (how dare you not!).


Paari & Niall

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