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The 'It's Ok' List

The 'It's Ok List' is essentially a list that sets out all the things that can go wrong (or aren't ideal) and reminds us that it's ok if they do. Of course reminding ourselves to read the list when things actually go wrong is another matter.

Our current 'It's Ok List' looks something like this:

  • it's ok if a guest at the Villa leaves a bad review (we will just sue them);

  • it's ok if we don't understand everything everyone says in Italian (heck we wish we couldn't understand everything everyone says in English sometimes);

  • it's ok if Italian bureaucracy gets to us and we show it but only if we show it to other expats and not the Italians (the Italians seem to be very proud of just how top class their bureaucracy is);

  • it's ok if our dogs freak out at Villa guests (bribes were invented for a reason);

  • it's ok if Paari makes multiple 'It's Ok' lists;

  • it's ok if of the 9 things on our to-do list each day we manage to get 1.5 done (that aperitivo isn't going to drink itself);

  • it's ok if we miss our old routines (one of us will have to snap the other out of it and say these three terms: chargeable hours, timesheets, clients);

  • it's ok if Niall does all the cooking at home (guess who came up with that one); and

  • it's ok if our family visits during peak season (working holidays are a thing).

If you can think of other 'it's ok's, comment below!


Paari & Niall


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