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Make way for Spring!

The weather has turned. And how. One day it was proper winter. The next day, Spring (with a capital S) arrived.

As we write this, we are sitting outside, at the table that was handmade in Positano, looking at Montepulciano in all its glory, and considering one of life's greatest mysteries:

who will go to the kitchen and bring up something to eat/drink.

We are a couple of weeks away from welcoming our first guests for 2023. Our team is busy completing the last remaining jobs at the agriturismo (eg: redoing a part of the kitchen, painting the walls, more flowers in the garden, and, most importantly, extra plastic glasses for the pool!).

We are also close to selling our first bottle of vino. The word is out and people are curious. Soon we will take a bag full of our Rosso di Montepulciano and walk up and down the narrow streets of the centro, and try and sell our wares.

Nervousness, anxiety and excitement have all made a timely arrival.

With Spring comes hope. And that we have in abundance. So with the hope of seeing as many of our subscribers as possible in our little corner of paradise, we will leave you with this short video of our last visit to the Montepulciano market (with apologies for the shoddy camera work!).

Enjoy e a presto! (see you soon!)


Paari & Niall


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