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Let's give it all up - he said.

You know how it is. You're sitting at your desk, replying to the 17th e-mail of the morning, drinking coffee that is now cold (that happened when you were replying to the first 16 e-mails), making repeated attempts to get the e-mail just right and then.. your mind wanders.....and asks the question you know you shouldn't be asking yourself. But you do anyway.

What if.

What if I didn't do this day in day out.
What if I had a cool profession.
What if I didn't have to be on call (like a doctor but without being called one) 24/7.
What if I could walk away.
What if I could have a hot cup of coffee every morning.
What if.

So you allow yourself 2 billable units (which depending on which country you're in could mean 12 minutes or 30 minutes) to daydream.

Long lazy lunches by the Thames in London.

An aperitif at a bar in Paris.

A coffee by the Colosseum in Rome.

A bike ride among the rice fields in Bali.

An evening at Broadway in New York.

What if I could do that more often than not.
What if it wasn't limited to 21 days a year.
What if.

Corporate lawyers
Our previous avatars

Eventually you snap out of it and return to the e-mail to your client. You add your time to your 1,000,563rd timesheet and get on with your day.

Well, we didn't snap out of it. Instead, we went with it.

We started dreaming during our joint sabbatical in 2017 - most of which was spent in Italy. What if.

Cut to July 2020 - we quit our corporate jobs (and were on the way) to buy a vineyard in Italy.


What if.


What now?

Family waiting at Dubai airport, moving to Italy
Happy faces at Dubai airport, waiting for our flight to Milan.

Follow us (subscribe!) on our journey.

Two goal-oriented, driven, sometimes-hyper lawyers in a sleepy Tuscan countryside town, making wine and running an agriturismo.

What could possibly go wrong?


Paari & Niall


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