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A (sneaky) trip to Florence to start the season

The season has started. With full force. So it was time to run away.

The office.

We have welcomed and said goodbye to two groups of guests (our third group arrives tomorrow), we have sold several bottles of wine, and meetings and calls with various prospective clients and distributors have been lined up. Phew. La Dolce Vita Indeed.

A picture of two people in a winery, with wooden barrels around them.
First meeting of the day.

Meanwhile, we are also trying to discover more of this wonderful country by going on sneaky, impromptu trips to nearby towns and villages.

Our latest was (another) quick 24 hour trip to Firenze, with a very taxing 'To Do' List:

  • strolling along the River Arno

  • sipping a Negroni at Caffe Gilli

  • savoring a non-Italian (yes, you can have too much of a good thing) Dim Sum dinner

  • taking in a few UNESCO heritage sites late at night (while having our first gelato of the season); and

  • visiting the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum.

Yes, we can modestly declare that our dedication to research knows no bounds.

Meanwhile, we are delighted with the reorganization of our cantina and the new barrel racks that we have installed. It was really hard work but the results are more than worth it.

Niall has brought the concept of 'man cave' to a new level.

Until next time!


Paari & Niall


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